Pokemon Ged Version: A Nuzlocke Run

MiaB 106

October 22nd, 2017, 11:44 pm
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TheJGamer October 22nd, 2017, 11:50 pm
Sure could use a potty break
Starmanfan October 23rd, 2017, 6:01 pm
ged almost peed his pants seeing her for the first time
Winek November 22nd, 2017, 4:54 pm
I'm in love with this shit it's just so funny
Ian Evans November 22nd, 2017, 10:36 pm
@Winek: Wow, I'm flattered! Thank you!
Winek November 22nd, 2017, 10:54 pm
@Ian Evans: I'm like, who cares about the art when I'm laughing at like every pages? Content wins today lmao
Ian Evans November 22nd, 2017, 10:59 pm
@Winek: Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well
*tips hat

haha thanks dude, I am of the same mindset.
Winek November 22nd, 2017, 11:19 pm
@Ian Evans: That was last updated around a month ago, do you plan on continuing it? not pushing or anything, just asking
Ian Evans December 19th, 2017, 6:35 pm
@Winek: Believe it or not I actually do. I have the story line plotted out as much as I can without accounting for the variables of the story being based off of who lives or who dies.

This comic is a canonical sidestory to another project I've been working, which I will admit has priority over this comic, but one day I will get around to completing this one as well ^.^